Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday in the Park with Jens

Knowing as you do, dear reader, my love of all things Swedish, it will surely come as no surprise to hear that I spent all Sunday afternoon at the Parc de La Villette to catch the free set by Jens Lekman. What I wasn't counting on was actually getting to meet him afterwards and have a chat. Not only a great songwriter (anyone who samples the strings from the Mamas & the Papas version of "Do you Wanna Dance?" instantly has my heart) but a nice guy to boot, who very gamely agreed to let me take his pic with the girls. He's got a new album coming out in September and expects to be doing a gig in Paris sometime in November. Until then, I shall be doing my best to keep his profile up on Another true celebrity encounter (and I didn't have to stalk him round the supermarket this time). Remember, rhino75 - living the dream so you don't have to.


Rob7534 said...

I love that tag line Rhino - living the dream so you don't have to!


petite said...


rhino75 said...

I think all three of you look lovely!!