Friday, November 11, 2005

The Fickle Finger of Fame

What a difference two years make! Rhino75 was moseying round his local Monoprix supermarket this week, stocking up on Cristal champagne and coconut and lime soya yoghurts (trust me, they are delish!) when whom should I bump into but Patxi!! Yes, you remember, Patxi! No?? OK, Patxi (pronounced "Patchy") was one of the candidates
on Star Academy (the French version of Fame Academy) in 2003. Ironically enough, I found him by the cheese section. You can get an eyeful just by looking at the picture. He's small, fairly cute and was obviously flustered by his Rhino75 encounter (I often find this, reader). Anyway, try as I might, I couldn't get a good view of what was in his basket. Which annoyed me. I love those spreads where someone empties Madonna's or Shirley Maclaine's trash and then photographs it but in a "neat, packaging" way, rather than a "decomposing vegetable peelings" kind of way, and then you can sit there and go "ooooh Oreos, that's not very macrobiotic, is it now?" and not feel so bad about your own diet of cheeze whiz and full-fat coke. I did see him hesistate briefly near a quiche...(well, I had to keep following him round, didn't I?) He wasn't buying much though, because he went to the "Six Items or Fewer" checkout. Still, no-one apart from me was paying him any attention WHATSOEVER. Which must be kinda weird, no? Anyway, talking of Star Academy, Her Royal Madgesty is going to be on it tonight. Have already set the TiVo, don't worry.


Rob7534 said...

He does look cute Rhino. I would have jumped his Bones!

I always wanted to be a "star-fucker."

rhino75 said...

and he's gay!! Of course, he's Mr. Nobody now, so I don't know whether he'd count as far as the "star" bit goes. But he obviously lives nearby, so I shall pass on your details next time I see him!!

Rob7534 said...

Please do Rhino, as your friend Noodle never got back to me... how disappointing :)

Even if he isn't on the Silver Screen anylonger, I'd still "DO" a guy who's on the Hollywood Squares.

Wait, does that make me sound REALLY cheap?

Oh well!


Anonymous said...

Ha!! Trust you to notice him!!! You should have approached then we could have both had 'encounters' from people from reality TV shows!!! Remember my 'One True Voice' episode!!! Arrrgggh!!

London Dan said...

Aww bless, how could he not win? Oh, wait, I'm going from the viewpoint of a gay man(/13 year old girl?), when the actual singing doesn't matter, as long as he's cute :)

Ooh, my word verification is a mixture of 'porn' and some what looks like it should be some obscure French word - pormbpd. Ok, so maybe not. Errrm, anyway...