Friday, October 20, 2006

Six Years

I'm sure you've probably seen this already but I was mesmerised. This man has singlehandedly brought out my inner geek. I watched it three times. In a row. It's like Eraserhead without the laughs. Six years and never a smile. Mind you, I like the music too, mainly because I keep thinking it's going to turn into The Cardigans. Completely bonkers.
(Via the excellent Minor9th - though I didn't like the one of the man cleaning his flat in 60 seconds - can he not afford help?? Who are these people??)


frog with a blog said...

Absolutely awesome! You can see he changes camera as the pic quality improves, you see him getting older, and slightly bigger, and the hair movement makes it so lively... I really liked that. And the geek in me is also shouting to come out.

Rob7534 said...

Damn, I can't view video!

nardac said...

I saw the same thing a couple of months ago, but with some Japanese girl... and it was amazing how exciting it was when she changed her glasses. But, alas, I can't deal with watching it more than once. The idea of that much diligence and narcissism mixed together is quite barfable.