Sunday, October 22, 2006

Things I've Learnt This Weekend

Aren't these FAB? I was round at Sid's last night, flicking through his encyclopedia of Russian prison tatoos (fantastic!) and listening to his homemade concept cd (more challenging, I think he'd be the first to admit) when I spotted these beauties, specially commissioned for the Bowling Club boys, and fell in love. I wanted to share that with you. And while we're sharing, following the success of "Entertaining at Home the Rhino Way" (champers and pizza out of the box, though Noodle has now got me hooked on microwaveable tapas - about as Spanish as I am and just as delicious), by popular demand, here's the latest installment of "Rhino75's Rules" - an occasional series of tried and tested tips for modern living, pearls of homespun wisdom prised from the (barnacle-encrusted) oyster that was my weekend. Remember: I do these things so you don't have to. No need to thank me.
  • If you go out for an evening with Marky D, the maddest things happen
  • Never challenge a gay Latvian to a drinking competition (oh no...)
  • Mushrooms and cemeteries are apparently the key to the Latvian psyche
  • 22 is too young, even if he does give you his number (more of a reminder, that one)
  • The average Parisian generates this much rubbish every day
  • German girls are cute
  • Anthropologists can be fun, particularly when drunk
  • Some people genuinely don't get the point of a butt-plug (no pun intended)
  • Le Blageur knows some interesting party games involving spoons
  • Having to work on Sunday sucks (particularly after partying - thanks to Maitresse and Nicolas). Having Monday and Tuesday off ROCKS, though.
In other news, I feel congratulations are in order. Petite Anglaise and I plan to marry in Vegas next month, dressed respectively as Elvis and Britney (Whaddya mean you were drunk? You promised, Petite, you promised). I am hoping this will a) increase my site traffic and b) that all 10 of my regular readers will club together and buy me that Kitchen Aid mixer that's been gathering dust on my wishlist for a while now. Desperate situations require desperate measures. Thank you.


maitresse said...

so glad you had fun, and that you enjoyed my german and anthropologist friends as well as the ones you already knew :)

Julie said...

News for the Newsmakers!

It's hard to admit that with more than one graduate student in anthro, the most anthropological question of the night was the oft repeated "Est-ce que sucer, c'est tricher?" My favorite part was when we invited two high school girls up after yelling at them from the window.

rhino75 said...

haha Julie, so THAT'S where those two slightly dazed-looking girls came from!! I did wonder... as for the question, well among the tribes in the outer reaches of Papua New Guinea...etc. I look to Papua New Guinea for solutions to most of my moral dilemmas - 'twould seem pretty much anything goes there ;D I draw the line at shrinking my head, though.