Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Collection

www.thecollection.frSo, dear reader, as you no doubt guessed from the Big Gay Bathroom, interior decoration is not necessarily my forte. Despite my best efforts, Rhino75 Towers remains an "eclectic" head-on collision of 1980s student and 1960s grandad, with the odd cat statue (thanks Mum) and Mexican doll thrown into the mix. But help is at hand!! Because Mrs. LOG is "looking after" a rather wonderful shop, The Collection, which packs a double-whammy of being just round the corner AND showcasing the work of some young British designers in France. Just look at the fabby wallpaper in the pic. I'd buy a roll or two, apart from the fact that my apartment already looks like that, but with a lower ceiling and more cat hair (see below). Anaglypta it ain't. ANYWAY, guess what? They're having an open evening on Thursday starting at 7 p.m. and I'm hoping that this shameless plug for the event will guarantee I get at least half a dozen glasses of wine when I get there. Did someone say cheap? I shall probably be lurking near the light fittings.

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