Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

...and I've gone all quiet, haven't I? Don't worry, I've not been chopped into pieces by an axe-wielding psycho just as I was about to have sex with a slutty school chum in an abandoned cabin by a lake. During a power cut. No sireee. That's NEXT week. If I play my cards right. This week, Rhino75 has instead been floored by a combination of a couple of very late work nights (eeeww) and an absolute humdinger of a night out/in as a send-off for my favourite socialite, who's gone to Brittany to make a film. Even this evening, I settled down on the sofa with "The Time-Traveler's Wife" and some cranberry juice and LOOK AT THE TIME NOW. Aaaargh. Oh well, we're almost at the weekend. What are you up to?


Reluctant Nomad said...

Friday: Dinner with some friends

Saturday: Buy shoes; see 'The History Boys', possibly get laid

Sunday: Possibly get laid again, read the Sunday papers, etc

rhino75 said...

As a plan, it has its merits, I'm glad to see you plan to keep up with your reading ;D

Sis! said...

Brother of mine....Hello from me and Ted from sunny Morocco/Marrakech! We have been haggling in the souks,eating tagine and generally having a fab time!! Finding it hard to track own any alcohol as only women who are prostitutes go in bars!! If we get desperate we might just hav to risk it!!! loads a luv Sis and Su.XX

rhino75 said...

Sis!! This is SO COOL - the first time anyone has commented while on holiday and my first North African posting. Sounds like you are having a top time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Loadsa luv to you and Su, Bruv xxxxx