Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Viva Las Vegas - Maybe

So, this week's harebrained scheme inspired plan is ... to go to Las Vegas on a gay pilgrimage to see Barbra in concert. As Nick so worryingly put it: "I can't think of anyone but you who might go with me." And you know, he's probably right. But then that's what high school chums are for, isn't it? It's not a done deal yet as we might not be able to get the right dates off work, but doesn't it sound fun? Of course, I've already started planning the itinerary. I really want to go here, if only to eat in the Sir Galahad restaurant and see the "Thunder from Down Under" strip show. Apparently, all the staff speak in cod medieval, and call you "My liege" and so on all the time. In the meantime, I'm going to start cultivating a "George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven" look - no mean feat, given the material I have to work with, but we're not going until November, thank goodness. I shall also be brushing up on my Babs repertoire. Altogether now: "Memories light the corners of my mind, misty watercolour memories of the way we were - Scattered pictures dada dee da dada dee etc." Of course, it could all go horribly wrong... Keep 'em crossed.


Rob7534 said...

I thought Barbra retired? Didn't she give her final concert already? And then, didn't she give her "alright-already this time I'm retiring for real" concert?

Ssssh, that woman.

Frog with a Blog said...

oh my god, Rhino! I am soooooo jealous! I mean how cool is that, you get to see her, which is so rare! But I thought she didn't want to perform live any longer for fear of terror attacks or something? I am sooo jealous, you get to see her before she dies!

Happy days are... here... again
la la la la

rhino75 said...

Rob, I thought that too but NO! After all, it is Barbra we're talking about. She's appearing at something called that MGM Garden Arena ON MY BIRTHDAY with special guests Il Divo (understandably less excited about that, although one of them is Hot.) Micke, did Barbra sing that one? :D

Babsbitchin said...

...Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were...I breathed Barbra for years and sang along almost note for note. Smoking can ruin that for you. I'm so happy for you, I hope you are able to go. Her seats are absolutely the most expensive out there but I believe it is worth it. She is a living legend, a diva! Kisses rhino darling, I've not been very attentive, eh? You may smack me, if you will?

Rob7534 said...

I thought the MGM Arena was for Boxing.

Pah! on Il Divo! LOL

I can't believe they will be performing with her! LOL

Frog with a Blog said...

You are so damn lucky Rhino! Please take me in your suitcase. Do you know if she goes on a tour later? Probably not.

rhino75 said...

Welcome back Babs! And don't you worry, I'm sure Nick and I will be able to give your namesake a run for her money in the diva stakes ;D Rob, ooooh, maybe she'll be slugging it out with Donna Summer à la "Enough is Enough (No More Tears)" We can but hope! And Micke, of course I'll take you but first you must prove that you can fold yourself into a shape no bigger than a pair of socks.

Sis!!! said...

Brother of mine!!! Las Vegas sounds FABULOUS!! But nowhere near as fab as Brighton Pride of course!!! I'm all set with my handle bar moustache and 'bear' style leather waistcoat!! Umm guess I'm on my own with that but you know what I mean!!! :-S Brill if Col is around aswell - the more the merrier!!! Can't wait!!! Loadsa Luv. XXXXXXXX

rhino75 said...

Can't wait either, sis!!!. And GREAT that you've got a proper gay outfit - so few people make the effort these days :P Lossa luv xxxxx