Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chocks away!!

our planecontrol panelcapitain Jcliffs3
cliffs4fill 'er uprhino at the helmflight bag
As promised, here are the pics of my maiden flight with Captain J and co-pilot John. Ok, I admit I felt pretty queasy for at least one and a half of the three hours we were up in the air, and I slept for the rest of the time, but J asssures me this is completely standard procedure. And I think I only screamed once (when he tried to show me a "zero gravity" moment) :). We flew from an airstrip at Lognes, just to the east of Paris, to Deauville and F├ęcamp on the Normandy coast. The cliffs you can see in the pics are at Etretat. That was where John and I changed seats (no mean feat in itself) so he could have a go at the controls on the way back. J, as you can see from this pic, was a model of cool, calm composure, though he looked pretty knackered afterwards as it was his longest flight to date. I'd go up with him anytime. All in all, highly recommended. Stand by for next month when rhino75 starts dating an astronaut and goes to the moon.


Rob7534 said...


That looks so exciting! And Capt'n J is delish! Yay for you. So, be honest and tell me, did you join the "mile high" club whilst you were flying through the atmosphere?

rhino75 said...

hehe, Rob, you KNOW I'm saving myself for gay camp next year!!

Rob7534 said...

riiiiiiight :)