Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Desperate and lovin' it

"Desperate Housewives" - I'm hooked!! Strange though it may seem for someone who works in *showbiz*, rhino75 doesn't yet have cable (coming this month, tho', honest! via the phone, of all things, what will they think of next?). That, added to living in hokey ole France, means I've been slower to catch on to this phenomenon than everyone else. But as part of my London goodie-bag, I brought home the entire first season on DVD. So on Sunday evening, we watched five episodes back-to-back, drinking Noodle's now-perfected homemade margaritas and munching Paul Newman's popcorn (though sadly, Paul couldn't be with us, due to prior commitments.) While obviously, I see myself totally as Teri Hatcher, Noodle did point out a bit of a Bree moment as I wielded the pizza-cutter later. He, naturally, is Eva Longoria to a T - all strutting around in skimpy clothes and getting it on with the gardener. The whole thing is completely compulsive. My life has new meaning.

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Rob7534 said...

I saw the early episodes, but since I work nights and tend to sleep most of the evening before work, I have missed most of the show.

Tell Noodle I said Hi, and please be sure to lick him for me. Or a nice little nibble on the neck. Tell him there's more where that came from!!