Saturday, October 15, 2005

Back in Paris

Soooo, just got back last night after a week in London, working at *showbiz* HQ. Had to get in to the office impossibly early most days - twice at 6 a.m. - and was, of course, out every night, swilling vodka and cranberry and generally feeling fabulous (and NOT on expenses). This, I have decided, is the swanky hotel effect, or swhee for short.. Whenever I stay in one, my energy levels go through the roof, I become incredibly positive and generally feel that the world is my oyster. They should bottle it. Anyway today, I feel about 112. Strangely, one of the sweeter moments was drinking with Cloggsy - we didn't really part on the best of terms six years or so ago (a rhino75 understatement to say the least). Since then, our lives have gone in very different directions and yet we find ourselves again working for the same company and, by chance, in the same city (which is home to neither of us) in the same week. Also great to see Nick and Lobo, Rod, Sophie and all the others. And, of course, the people I saw the most, the staff of the Fishmarket champagne bar. More details to follow, and of course a full report on flying with Captain J (it was FAB!).


Rob7534 said...

Welcome home!! yay

rhino75 said...

Thank you Rob, it's good to be back!!