Sunday, May 29, 2005

What's Got Into Tom?

Honestly, don't you think Tom Cruise has completely lost the plot? He's been relatively discreet about his Scientology beliefs for many years and, to be honest, that's just how I like it. If Tom wants to believe in a religion created by a sci-fi writer, that's nobody's business but his own. But things have taken a worrying turn since he split up with Penelope Cruz, what with him installing Scientology tents on film sets and making statements like this about Brooke Shields. Not to mention this relationship with Katie Holmes, which no-one seems to believe in for a second. Come on Tom, get some help. As a (only marginally) less successful contemporary, I recognise a mid-life crisis when I see one. Let's get back to "Risky Business" - dance around in your undies playing air guitar, grab a hairbrush and pretend to be all three members of Destiny's Child (or is that just me?) and let's have less of this nonsense. Concerned of Paris.

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