Sunday, May 29, 2005

Muffin Man

Muffin Man
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Ok, ok, I REALISE that I'm still some way off being a domestic god, but I still expect a round of virtual applause for even thinking of microwave muffin making. And they actually taste quite nice, but the microwave aspect to the whole thing means that they look a bit anaemic -- next time I'll do the bran ones which should have a better colour. Today I managed to miss brunch with Miss W and Nancy AND meeting up with Boris because I'd put my phone on silent. Not clever. But I DID make muffins.


Mickael said...

Oh you've been picking mushrooms, how nice!

rhino75 said...

Muffin-envy is a terrible thing, Micke. But don't worry, I've saved you one :)) Yumm

mickael said...

But admit they do look like dangerous mushrooms with red killer spots!
Are we still on for Clara tonight?

rhino75 said...

I think that only adds to the "homemade" vibe, gives them a kind of "rustic" edge. Of course we're still on for Clara. I'll even cook (Just bought a new quart of creme fraiche, after all - ok, ok I'm kidding there.)