Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rabbi Jacob - The Musical

Don't ask me why, dear reader, but at the moment my life seems to be all musicals, detective novels and birthdays. How did that happen? :-) Anyway, sticking with that theme, look at this shocker which I found in the metro yesterday. Rabbi Jacob - The Musical. Whatever next? For those of you who aren't hexagonal (as we say here), "That Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" is a French (my italics) comedy classic about a man who's forced to disguise himself as a rabbi, one of those films that's always on TV on high days and holidays (here's a quick synopsis - what DID we do before Wikipedia?) I know, I know, it doesn't sound that promising but it is actually quite amusing. But to make a musical out of it? As my friend Sandrine said yesterday: "I don't think it'll make it to Broadway."  Here's a little extract from the movie via the magic of You Tube (what DID we do etc. etc.) Anyway, suddenly my own scheme - with the lovely Nardac - to write a musical version of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" doesn't seem quite so outlandish. You have been warned.


Tin Foiled said...


I've never actually seen Rabbi Jacob, but it's a very common reference among my French friends and colleagues.

I'd like to make my reservations for the musical Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Col said...

Msr Piver, "je n'aime pas les Anglais" - Rabbi Jacob is, IMHO, a seminal work of French cinema; Louis de Funes' auteur status can surely now be freely acknowledged.

Ooh, I'm going to hire it and watch it again and see if I laugh as they drive cars into the lake, false beards come off etc etc.

Matoo said...

Rabbi Jacob il va danseeeeeeeeeeer !


rhino75 said...

Tin Foiled, you should definitely check it out!! I don't think they'll let you become French without it. And never mind the reservations - you're IN IT!! Col, I always think of you when this or that other classic "La Vache et Le Prisonnier" are mentioned. Or indeed "The King & I" - in fact, you're never far from my thoughts!! Matoo, we should organize an outing come September, I'm sure it will knock spots off "The Lion King"!!