Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rhino75 in the Coffee Table Studio!!

To mark their 100th (count 'em!) episode, those gorgeous gals Katia and KylieMac invited Micke, myself, Francophoney, Tracey and Pierryck along to the by-now-surely-world-famous coffee table studio to take part in a very special (my italics) podcast. We had a brilliant time discussing such diverse topics as Turkish toilets, foie gras, and saying goodbye à la française, and you can listen to the results HERE.
(P.S. these excellent photos are by the Muffin Man. I'm the one with the whiny voice, playing with the cat)


Katia said...

Darling, you're such a natural, the photos speak for themselves ;)
Can't wait to have you in the CTS again. I promise I'll have Snob Juice ready for you ;)

~Babz~ said...

Hope you are well, just popped into say Hi and blow kisses!