Monday, October 01, 2007

Rhino's Round-up

Here's a little round-up of the things I've learned in the past week. Remember, I'm doing all this so you don't have to. Selfless to a fault. ::sigh::

  • Wii Sports is actually MUCH more fun than I realised. When people ask, I shall finally be able to say that I played a little tennis at the weekend - I feel this will be good for my image. I'm still rubbish at golf, though, so the keys to the executive washroom remain - tantalisingly - out of reach.

  • "99 Francs" is a good example of how an annoying book can actually be made into a very entertaining movie. Thanks in no small part to the talent of Jean Dujardin (a little less deelish here than in other roles, it must be said). Advertising looks such FUN. Plus we're pretty sure we saw Guillaume Canet in the cinema. Yumm.

  • Damon Albarn's "Monkey" is, quite simply, wonderful. I know you've probably read that elsewhere already, but it really is. I say that even though my short-sightedness meant I had to keep asking "Who is that woman in white floating from the ceiling?" and "Why does that man have a pig's head?" because I couldn't read the subtitles. Some stunning set-pieces, including an under-the-sea scene featuring a large starfish. No Guillaume Canet though.

  • Pramil is my latest restaurant recommendation. I can still taste those raspberries with green tea ice-cream (I mean that in a good way). Bon appétit!!


Tin Foiled said...

What a week, what a week.

Let me know if you head back to Pramil -- it sounds divine!

Pierre said...

Wha, you've been faster than I at posting an article about Monkey and 99F!

After you left, I've tried my new Wii game, and that's a pure marvel. Imagine Matrix in 1001 Nights atmosphere, and you get the game my friends offered me... Awesome! :)

I liked 99F "the book", though... but you're not the first one to find it annoying.

And c'mon, it WAS Guillaume Canet!

amy said...

Ooh, that restaurant sounds wonderful... I must make a note.

Glad you had a good time at Monkey.

toli said...

that restaurant is definitely worth a visit ^^ raspberries, who said raspberries ? yummy !

anglosaxonne said...

finally! rhino where have you been? in fact its not just you but the whole blogging community i visit appears to have gone on RTT.

rhino75 said...

Tin foiled, it was really good. When shall we go? Pierre, ha, only because I cheated by doing a 4-in-1. Matrix crossed with 1001 Nights - now you're talking!! And I know it was Guillaume Canet but I don't want to dazzle people too often with my celebrity encounters - lol!! Amy, thank you. If you get a chance to see the show, go, go, go!! Toli, it's really good. If you trust the word of an Englishman when it comes to food :P Anglosaxonne, haha, it's la rentrée, there's just too much to do. And when did you last post on YOUR blog - arf! We should catch up over drinkies - I'll Facebook ya.

nardac said...

Oooh! Went to Pramil last night with the madman and it was fun and terribly good. I had these wacky french veggies, salade des ficoïdes glaciales, that was simply divine. Then rabbit with artichokes and figs... also heavenly... then I went with you green tea and raspberries... which did wow me, especially in the deepness of colour. Thanks and I can't wait to go again. wink wink, nudge nudge. Plus, the chef was really such a darling man.