Wednesday, April 25, 2007

She's My Man

Last night, dear reader, I found myself in Ana Matronic's shoes. Not literally, thank goodness (I've never been good in heels). But when she told an anecdote about how she'd watched the New York Dolls perform on the very stage where she stood, just for a moment there she became one of us, a simple fan. We could relate. And that made me love her even more. Because, as far as I'm concerned, she was the lynchpin of the whole Scissor Sisters show, a pure charisma bomb. She even spoke French. I only had eyes for her. Well, her and the rather swoonsome Del Marquis (there's something about an axeman, I always say.) Don't get me wrong, I love Jake and he was giving it his all but, somehow, he was still outshone by his bandmate (though both the Captain and I remarked that he seemed taller than we expected - whatever that means). We'd been building up to last night's gig since December and the potential for disappointment was high, but NO, it was everything we could have wanted and more. For me, the highlights were - in no particular order - "Everybody Wants the Same Thing", "Filthy/Gorgeous", "Take Your Mama" (totally my idea of a night out) and "Laura". Honestly, I haven't sung and danced all the way through a gig like that since Madonna's "Reinvention" tour. It was tight, it was slick, it was almost exhaustingly energetic but they still looked like they were having fun. Tremendous. Afterwards, we found Meg and Petite and ran round to the stage door in the hope of getting in a little post-show screaming as the band left the building. Unfortunately, this wasn't so successful. Apart from ourselves, there were only four teenage girls and a boy with a tambourine. And the only person we saw leaving the building looked like support act Snax's dad. So after about 15 minutes, we gave up and went to McDonalds instead. Of such nights, dreams are made. (BTW, I didn't think Snax was quite as awful as everyone else made out, leading to the - frankly libellous - accusation that I'd bought his €10 CD. I thought his "Your friend called me a faggot" was quite catchy really.)
P.S. This wonderful photo was taken by Tolivier, who was a) even nearer the stage than we were and b) kind enough to let me use it here. What a star! See more of his pics from the concert and what he thought of it on his blog, either by clicking on the pic or here.


toli said...

A pure charisma bomb, indeed. You're so damn right :)

C'est Moi said...

Gosh, I thought I was the only one that loved Ana Matronic. Love her!! Saw them at V festival a couple of years back and she was owned that stage!!

rhino75 said...

She is a TRUE diva, C'est Moi! Loveherloveherloveherloveher