Monday, April 23, 2007

A Major Contribution to French Cinema

I'm showing you this now, dear reader, so you'll have time to grasp the finer (my italics) points before voting for me over at FWaB Academy in the next few days. I know I can count on your support, even though the singing's flat and the sound's tinny, because a) Kitty's in it, and we love her, don't we? b) because it's made with love, just for you. Personally, I feel there's more than a touch of Godard about it all, but I could be too close to the glue pot the concept. Anyway, by the time you read this I shall be putting Captain J through his paces (lyrically) over a cocktail or eight in preparation for this tonight (now where DID I put those tickets?). Ronan Keating was right when he said that "Life is a Rollercoaster" - who would have thought it?

P.S. If you can't see the YouTube clip in your browser, here's the URL.


Mortgage Man said...

Interesting blog keep up the funny vids..

have a great day

rhino75 said...

Thank you, mortgage man. OMG, have just had a thought. As this is France, I could maybe have got a GRANT for doing this!! Am writing off to Canal Plus straight away.

Sis! said...

Bro!!!!! The video is pure genius!!! It's been round my office this morning and we've all had a chuckle!! Kitty looks like a rather unsure participant bless her!!! I'm please snugglybug made an appearance though!!!! :-) Luv Sis. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

rhino75 said...

Aaaah, thanks sis! Did you spot Froggie too? Of course, you know what this means we'll be doing when you come over... ;-)

nardac said...

Hmmm... close to the glue pot and secret member of the furries? Rhino, you never cease to surprise. Waiting for the NC-17 version.

rhino75 said...

What's this Nardac? NC-17? A boyband I haven't heard of?? ;-)

le Meg said...

well the whole thing is genius, obviously, but it's the four labels that really tie it all together:

-musical genius

you are TOO much.

Sis! said...

Yay!! I forsee a carpenters-esque moment on the horizon for my visit!!! You can be lead vocals though cause you're better than me!!! Can't wait!!! Loadsa luv, Sis, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX