Friday, February 02, 2007

Morning After

We were only meeting up for "a quiet drink and a chat," really. OK, maybe the choice of bar was instrumental in our downfall. The next happy coincidence was bumping into David and Carlos - who'd already got a bit of a thirst going. And then, suddenly (my italics), it was 2 a.m., the bar was closing and - through a vodka haze - it just seemed like a FANTASTIC idea and the most natural thing in the world to keep going. And going. On a school night. Which may be why this morning I wasn't the least bit surprised to be approached by this large pink rabbit on my way to work. Happens all the time. Honest. ;)


Reluctant Nomad said...

Ooooo - you get pink rabbits in Paris - it's pink elephants in Africa. Not sure what it is you get in Amsterdam yet. Pink mice, perhaps?

Thanos aka Mr Brightside said...

great, amazin' sounds so weird at first sight but as far as you're in paris, is it still surprising ;) ??

rhino75 said...

thanos aka mr brightside, welcome! Not at all, the more pink rabbits the better ;)