Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Double Whammy

  • Morrissey in Eurovision Talks (BBC): I know, I know, I love him too, but it would just be SO wrong, wouldn't it? After all he's done, I couldn't bear to see him finish behind some Maltese boyband. Because, as we all know, Eurovision is no great respecter of talent. I could just about cope with him writing it, but someone with a much more mainstream pop sensibility (I'm thinking Cathy Dennis) would be a better choice, I suspect. If you can hear me, Mr. Morrissey, DON'T DO IT, you don't need to. Ask Sandie.
  • Apple Unveils iPhone (CNN): This, on the other hand, has got me virtually w*tting my pants. One can only hope that it will be astronomically expensive so that people will gasp even more loudly when I whip it out. Because, naturally, there's NO WAY I'll be able to survive without one. Whaddya mean I've just bought a new phone? This is not about technology people, this is about lifestyle, this is about living the dream. Help me, Naomi Klein.


Babsbitchin said...

Darling, I can not wait for you to whip it out on camera...your iPhone! Do they have Bluetooth in Paris? I'm just starting to play with my cell phone, realizing it does more than give and take calls. These times, they are a changing, are they not. Now, if the offer the transmitter chip to be embedded in your head, you know to get calls straight to your brain, will you get it? I'm predicting we will have this, although not in my lifetime. I loved the video of you and Micke singing.You really made me smile! I only wish I could've been there. I miss you Rhino!

rhino75 said...

Hello Babs!! re: the chip, too rightey I would - just think how convenient it would be? Micke and I had great fun in that bar, you would have been proud of us. Mwah!

Babsbitchin said...

I was proud the minute I saw the video. C'mere, let me put the chip in for you. I can do this, I just know it. Don't you trust me, lol?!