Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brokeback - The Review

Yes folks, almost longer in the making than the original film (ok, ok, I'm just kidding) here is Noodle's long-awaited review of ....

A Cowboy Film with a (Jack) Twist
"When you wait YEARS for a movie (or a review, for that matter ;) to be released, it can be disappointing to eventually see it. Against all odds, after having watched the trailer countless times, and visited dozens of blogs (with all the plot spoilers you can think of), I was relieved to see this movie, and not be disappointed AT ALL.

The story, in case you hadn't heard, is about two young men, ranch-hand Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and rodeo cowboy Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), who meet while driving sheep on a mountain range during the summer of 1963. After a drunken night, they suddenly realise their sexual attraction to each other, which gradually transforms itself into true love. At the end of the summer, they give back the sheep, buy a ranch and live there happily ever after…What?! No way, dude! It’s 1963, and it’s W-y-o-m-i-n-g!

Based on Annie Proulx’s short story, the movie successfully portrays an "impossible" love story that lasts more than two decades as the two men see each other sporadically, while also keeping up appearances with their wives and children.

It's a movie with several layers: First, you’ve got this incredible scenery, with great shots of yankee landscapes that make you want to go errrrm "fishing" in Wyoming, and which also symbolise freedom, being the one place where the two guys can be themselves, away from lives they never really wanted. Then, of course, there's the gay love story. Director Ang Lee handles the topic in a very delicate and sober manner, without shying away from the problems it creates for both of the main characters. We see Jack's clumsy attempts to flirt with other men and Ennis's inner struggle - a great performance by Heath Ledger whose mumbling introspection is note-perfect.

But BBM is also a movie filled with silences: between Ennis and his wife Alma (Michelle Williams - great), but also with his daughter, and even between Ennis and Jake…silences only broken by a great not-too-country "country music" soundtrack (Oscar material too). Some people have criticized this for making the film drag, but to my mind, it really was the best way to portray 20 years of forbidden love in 2h20. It's definitely a story you find yourself thinking about days after watching the movie, kind of like an emotional timebomb. I can only hope you'll be as deeply moved by this movie as I was ("hear, hear" says rhino75)."


Rob7534 said...

That was a GREAT review! OMG.

Im going to see it this weekend, FOR SURE NOW! But I have a find a theatre that will show it... first.


Reluctant Nomad said...

It's a great review even if I don't concur with the opinions. :-)

rob: what do you mean find a theatre that will show it? are you in some hick town?

rhino75 said...

Yup, the boy done good! (though I always knew he would ;)) But hey, I added those great links, credit where credit's due! LOL

noodle said...

thank you for these review's reviews, and special thanx to rhino75 for reading over...i can see the Extras' reference to Ben Stiller's Dodgeball was too much of a private joke to make it on the blog ^^

Rob7534 said...

I live outside of Chicago, in a suburb. I have to check the website for the local theatres.

I haven't gone to the movies in months, because I haven't made the time to get away. But I just might now!

noodle said...

I feel sorry for you, Rob..
Here is something that might make your day though: it's the trailer of BBM's sequel!!Yep, there had to be a sequel, with all the success this movie had!
it's called Brokeback To the future, check it out:)