Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sweet charity

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This is what I was doing on Wednesday morning instead of *showbiz* - all in a good cause too. You can see my own effort top right - I'm sure it's going to make someone's Christmas. Actually, it was really good fun and the guy you can see in the pictures who looks as if he knows what he's doing did a brilliant demonstration of how to make a table centre out of a couple of ferns, a candle and an old bucket. Rhino75's famous hachis parmentier suppers will never be the same again!!


Rob7534 said...

Very creative who knew a fern and a bucket could go so far!

Reluctant Nomad said...

*glares at rob7534*

That all looks too fiddly for me but the results look great.

rhino75 said...

Still, I think next year I'll sign up for something a bit more butch -cake decorating, maybe?

Anonymous said...

very impressive!! All goes towards you achieving that 'Domestic God' status eh!!?? Nigella eat your heart out!!!


Frog with a Blog said...

Oh my god! So many green people and all that flora! Am I in Shrek 3 or Mars Attacks 2?
PS: and you do charity too! Rhino you are just fabulous!

Rob7534 said...

:::glares back at Nomad:::

You can come do my table centerpiece ANYTIME Rhino :)

Cake decorating is too butch for you Rhino, do they have a knitting/sewing tuturial?