Saturday, November 05, 2005

Singing Stones (Part 2)

SO, apparently the stones are from Latvia (who'd have thought it?) and are part of a cultural festival called "Amazing Latvia" (ditto!). If you speak French - or indeed Latvian - you can read more about this HUGE cultural event at If not, well, here are the (edited) highlights:
  • There are nine of them, all different sizes
  • They'll be in Paris until Nov. 9 and then go to Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Lyon
  • Stones symbolize wisdom in Latvia
  • Latvian people apparently often turn to stones for advice (?!)
  • Officially, they are "talking", rather than "singing", stones
  • In fact, they only sing on the hour every hour
  • If you approach them in between singing sessions, they talk to you
  • Unfortunately, they talk mostly about Latvia
  • That about covers it.
And now I'm off to get the Eurostar for a flying visit to the U.K. to wish my Mum a Happy Birthday!! Bon voyage to me!!


Anonymous said...

You should come pop over and see me since you're in the UK, make a mean cuppa :-)


rhino75 said...

Ah, J, it really was a whistlestop visit, straight to my parents' - didn't even stop off in London. And look I'm already back in Paris :( x (errm, and plus the fact that I've no idea who you are, of course, though you may say I'm nit-picking there lol :)

Rob7534 said...

Live a little Rhino! You should have visted your new Secret Admireror.

Anyway, here you go again, with your, "Party, Food, ***SHOWBIZ***, and Travel!"

Anonymous said...

I am from Latvia and I find Your blog throught Google with keywords Amazing Latvia. Maybe You have some photos from official opening of Speaking Stones in Paris? Please contact me via e - mail if yes. Thank You!