Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rhino75 Unplugged

Still. Can you believe it? My ISP finally 'fessed last night they "haven't got around yet" to releasing drivers for their modems that are compatible with OSX v.10.4 I know I live in a hokey country but puhleeze. Luckily (??), I'm working today (:() and, thus, am able to share my pain (yes, here, with you). But I can see my day off on Monday (ymmm) is going to be spent giving my NEW French ISP copies of my birth certificate and gas bill, rather than lounging around the apartment in a silk kimono, nibbling on small German wafer biscuits. Ah, the cruel tricks that Fate can play...

1 comment:

noodle said...

i'm no expert in the geeky part concerning the OSX thing, but your thought about lounging in a silk kimono tells me it's time for a Will&Grace quote:

"-Grace, why is this guy wearing my kimono?
- Will, the real important question is 'why do you have a kimono'..."