Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Moving...

Working on the principle that "a change is as good as a rest," I've decided to move this blog here. Who knows, it may even inspire me to start posting more regularly again :) To your aggregators, dear readers!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Birthday Boys, originally uploaded by rhino75.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ****

I was actually planning to see "Iron Man" but once I saw this was showing...well, I had no real choice, did I? Nevertheless, things got off to a shaky start and I was worried that the whole thing was going to be a little too knowing, overloaded with in-jokes and references to what had gone before. The early scenes seemed a little forced somehow, as if they were trying to make a point that no-one really cared about. Fortunately, the writers seemed to realise that the McCarthyism plotline wasn't going anywhere too and the film soon got back onto more familiar territory. By the time we got to a riproaring chase through the Amazonian jungle - including a spectacular three-waterfall boat sequence - I was sitting there ooh-ing and aah-ing and clutching my knees to my chest (note: never sit next to me in a cinema during an action or horror movie). By the way, dontcha think it's weird that all aliens in tv and cinema now look like the Roswell alien? And don't you find yourself thinking that that's really what they look like because you've seen it so many times? Or is that just me? But I digress. Harrison Ford just IS Indy, 'nuff said. La Blanchett turns in her usual impeccable performance, this time as a comic-book Russian baddie (complete with rapier!)  and gets the best line: "Do svidaniya Dr. Jones!" - surely a Bond villain contract can't be far behind? Ray Winstone's role - much trumpeted in the U.K. press - turns out to be little more than a cameo (and a bit "cor-blimey" to be anything other than mildly irritating). I had major reservations about Shia LaBeouf - mainly, it's true, based on his hair - but he ends up coming through surprisingly well - I really warmed to his character as the film went on and, by the end, could even see him taking on the Indy mantle...obviously what was intended.  Last but not least, the scenery is just breathtaking, totally epic. My one gripe  - and it's not a biggie - is that I found the special effects to be a little too "Stargate" to be impressive. Thoroughly enjoyable and heartily recommended - you can't say fairer than that now, can you? 

Friday, May 16, 2008

Return to the Coffee Table Studio

k&k episode 141 - the one where they discuss the price of chilli sauce in France... and stuff.
And what's more, with ME!!!!

Birthday Girls

It's a big year for divas, dear reader, what with Kylie turning 40, Madonna celebrating her 50th (yeah, right) and Grace Jones blowing out 60 candles - count 'em - on her cake. To mark the occasion, that august publication the Daily Telegraph has published portraits of all three. For all Madge and Kyles's ferocious work ethic and "reinvention" it's nice to see that the coolest of the three is still "our Gracie" - just for being bonkers and decadent. And those choons still stand up well today. Here are my favourite quotes:
Her family left the Caribbean for the US when she was 14 and it was via an American model agency that she wound up in Paris, where she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall. (“We didn’t sleep in it. We just kept Champagne there.”) — Birthday Girls: Grace Jones - Telegraph
If anything, she has become more doll-like over the years, more often than not playing the romantic victim, messed around by some dark-haired cad, denying her the fairy-tale white wedding that Charlene got all those years ago. — Birthday Girls: Kylie Minogue at 40 - Telegraph
It is Madonna’s self-belief that has ebbed away as she has grown older. Suddenly she looks like everyone else, desperate to stay young, to stay in touch. That girl who skipped on to a stage three decades ago didn’t give a damn what anyone else was doing. She was going to do it her way. — Birthday Girls: Madonna - Telegraph

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I've Been Listening to This Week

Podcasting with Katia and Kyliemac

k&k episode 140 - the one where they declare their reign as karaoke queens... and stuff...
and talk to yours truly in the coffee table studio!


Tim Tam, originally uploaded by rhino75.

Last night was my first introduction to what I’m told is a hallowed Australian tradition - the TimTamSlam. Bite the corners off the biscuits, place in glass of port, suck the port up through the biscuit and then eat. It was possibly the defining moment of my life. Deeeeelish.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Look Everyone!!

I've got a Tumblr!! In fact, I've been trying it out since the start of the year and I like it. It's fun, it's snappy and, as I seem to be a bit rubbish at posting here at the moment and much better at posting there, why not pop this feed in your reader for the time being? Don't get me wrong - I'm not abandoning this blog - I'm just expanding. Like building a conservatory or something. Lemme know what you think...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


cranberry muffins, originally uploaded by rhino75.

I promise, I promise, I promise that this is DEFINITELY the last time I will put up a large photo of some home baking instead of a proper post - for at least a month, anyway :-). But they do look good, don't they? And it's just been really hectic, what with Sis!!'s visit to Paris, pub quiz victories, baby Iris's first birthday party, Madonna's new single etc. etc.. Easter got off to an excellent start with Petite Anglaise's reading at W.H. Smith (they still have signed copies left so ruuuuuunnn), champagne, dinner at the Pause-Café and partying with Rachel, Mrs. LOG and, unexpectedly, Nardac, plus rather a lot of muffin and madeleine-making. All topped off today by a stupendous six-hour lunch with the delicious Meg. Anyway, I shall do my best to resume normal service now the holiday's over. Just so's you know, Rhino75's obsessions this week are "One Tree Hill" (so many teens, so little time - but have managed to work my way through four seasons), Madonna (natch, isn't everyone obsessing about "4 Minutes"? I LOVE it) and the Deep South. Things that are not floating my boat are my To Do list, "Juno" (nice soundtrack, meh movie) and imminent work on my beams. Pffft.