Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stockholm Photos

I've not had time to upload them all yet, but if you click on the pic above, you'll get a taster. In the meantime, I give you a short list of things I love about Sweden, in no particular order:
  • Coffee - I love Swedish coffee, which is just like the German version, all strong yet milky at the same time.
  • Music - I could spend all day in Bengans, where you really can ask the shop assistants why they've recommended this or that CD (because their photo and their speciality is right there by the selection).
  • Moderna Museet - Top permanent collection here AND a fab cafeteria overlooking the sea. A perfect setting to nibble an aesthetically pleasing bun or two.
  • Swedish TV - Obviously not JUST for such homegrown gems as "Sveriges smartaste barn" (Sweden's Brainiest Kid) and "Singalong" (a dreadful karaoke/comedy/quiz show) but they're SO FAR AHEAD with all the U.S. series. This week saw the start of Day Break (think Prison Break meets Groundhog Day with a sprinkling of 24) with the wonderful Taye Diggs. I nearly couldn't tear myself away.
  • Men - 'nuff said. And not just the blondes, either.
  • The Sea - in the middle of the city. Doesn't get much better than that.
  • Language - this is the first time I've been and actually been able to pick up on what's being said all around me, on the TV etc. Not 100% by any means, but a fair bit. And I could listen to it all day.
  • String's breakfast buffet - still going strong in the heart of SoFo.


Matoo said...

My favourite (gay) place was the Chokladkoppen in Gamla Stan!!! I have great memories of my stay in this beautiful town!

frog with a blog said...

Fabulous pics Rhino, I'm so jealous of your trip there. Did you shake your legs at all at Patricia's on Sunday (while we were all crying about the future)?

PS: Sveriges smartaste barn is fun, but when you say Singalong, is that the same program as Diggiloo or is it another one?

frog with a blog said...

PS: I thought the viking ship in front of Gamla Stan had burnt down recently, but I can see it in your pic!!???

rhino75 said...

Ah, Matoob, as always I didn't want to leave - I love it there! Micke, of course I went to Patricia on Sunday - doh! I even have a photo of that hallowed spot. And you're right, the Viking ship is completely burnt out but it's still moored at Gamla Stan and luckily (for me) that figurehead wasn't damaged.