Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Face of Fashion

I'm back!! The wedding was superb fun, the bride was radiant and it was a great chance to catch up with some people - Parisians and others - I haven't seen in years - and meet some new ones! Surprisingly, given the amount of champagne + wine + armagnac (oooh!) consumed, I felt positively sprightly the next morning. Who'd have thought it? Now when I lived in London and dinosaurs roamed the earth Sunday was always exhibition day, which is how I found myself at the wonderful Face of Fashion photography show at the National Portrait Gallery. Looking at this mussed up Justin, courtesy of Steven Klein. Which I LOVE. It's only on until the end of this month so I'd urge you to get down there pronto - it's even free (my italics) for card-carrying members of the showbiz fraternity like myself. The Klein stuff was, IMHO, by far the best, though maybe that's because the images were less familiar than the Corinne Day or Mario Sorrenti shots. Either way, I'd forgotten how truly excellent the NPG is. A quick sprint round Waterstone's and before I knew it , it was time to wave goodbye and get back on da Star to come home. Plus, I've just realised that Thursday's a bank holiday - again!! My cup runneth over.


petite said...

Last time I drank too much with you, I didn't get a hangover either. Maybe you have magical properties!

I should have thought to check which "star" you were on, as I was on the way back myself.

rhino75 said...

Crikey, Petite, I must bottle myself without further ado - this could be my chance to recoup the lost Rhino75 millions.