Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Boy on a Motorcycle

To be perfectly honest, dear reader, it's not often these days I feel like a young Marianne Faithfull. The older version, frequently, but that's nothing a vat of Rhino's Special Brew (patent pending) coffee and industrial quantities of "Lendemain de FĂȘte" can't cure. I genuinely thought, however, that la jeune Marianne was no longer part of my repertoire. IMAGINE my surprise, then, upon finding myself whizzing round Paris on the coldest night so far this year, the wind in my hair (ahem!), on the back of that incorrigible daredevil Captain J's scooter. OK, I wasn't wearing a leather catsuit (this time) and I was a little apprehensive (my italics) that J might pull a stunt like the one in pic, or try and jump over a bus - he's a bit like that. But overall, I felt I was channelling "Girl on a Motorcycle" perfectly and it was rather fab!! We were on our way to dinner at Kiwi Corner and a taste of the Pacific Rim (oo-er). Now I know that if you're just visiting Paris, you probably think it's heresy to eat anything other than the finest French cuisine, but believe me if you live here long enough you CRAAAAAAAAVVVVE a menu that doesn't have either magret de canard (duck) or bavette aux Ă©chalotes (steak - to all intents and purposes, anyway). So this find by the Captain was just what the doctor ordered. Highlights: crab cakes with a hair-raising wasabi mayonnaise, and kangaroo steak with cranberries, mash and mangetout. Oh, and the waiter. All of them highly recommended! :D.


Tiresia said...

Hey, don't knock the magret de canard! But yes, totally know what you mean. I will have to give Kiwi Corner a try. What does the waiter look like, then? And don't just say gorgeous ;-))

rhino75 said...

You should definitely check it out Tiresia, it was deelish. The waiter, well, he just fitted in perfectly with the theme - think tall blonde Aussie surf dude. And charming with it :)