Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Notorious JLB

So this weekend, I hopped on the Eurostar to Brighton to watch my sis, Notorious JLB, spinning some choons at Stick It On. What a FANTASTIC night!! After kicking off with some pink fizz at home and a few drinks at the kitchissime Regency Tavern, it was off to Komedia to throw some top moves. Ok, ok, there was a slight moment of panic when the organizer told Sis: "Yeah, just turn up with your records and..." - we hadn't actually considered that you might have to bring the choons along with you. But the girls brought the house down, the crowd went mad for them. Don't take my word for it: watch them in action here and see the posse getting down here. They were even interviewed afterwards for Radio Reverb. Boy, did we drink though. Novelty of the night: I had my first ever shot of tuaca, which wasn't at all bad - I may be laying in some stores at Christmas. We rounded off the night with a full English breakfast and tea at Buddies, and even managed to fit in that British Saturday night staple "argument with some random lairy bloke" before stumbling home at 5 a.m. All this and deelish Sunday lunch at the wonderful Food For Friends too. All in all, an excellent weekend.


Sis!!! said...

Brother of mine!!!!!

Yay!!!! Was SUCH a fantastic weekend from start to finish!!! Still recovering from the excesses of the weekend but it was well worth it!!! One of the best nights ever me thinks!!!

See you soon for our Xmas eve extravaganza!! Well drinks at the local anyhow!!! :-)

Fab to see you as always.


frog with a blog said...

Your parents must be proud of having both kids in showbiz now. Sis rocks!

Sis!!! said...

Too kind frog!! Yet sooooo true!! ;-) Showbiz is in our veins don't ya know!!! Hee!! XX