Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Vegas Experience: The Fruit Loop

As I said below, Las Vegas, despite being hugely camp, isn't really a very gay place. Nevertheless, in the interests of my readers and armed with notes from some random trolley-dolly mate of Nick's, we decided one night to venture out onto the scene i.e. a bunch of bars on the side of a major road, wittily named "The Fruit Loop". We chose our first bar, "The Buffalo," on the basis that it was the only one that seemed to have any people in it. Turned out this was because they were having a $5 beer bust. Nick summed it up pretty well as "a right old dogs' home" - with no sign of a cocktail, so we made our excuses and left. Next stop: FreeZone. This is a mixed gay and lesbian club, with possibly the world's worst drag cabaret "featuring" Madonna, Reba McEntire (??WTF), and...wait for it...Hitler. "Inappropriate" doesn't really do it justice. I could describe some of the punters as "larger than life" but really they were just large. Scary. And so we ended up at 8 1/2/Piranha, along with this young gentleman with his come-hither gestures and Abercrombie & Fitch undies and, eventually, most of the people we'd seen in the other bars. To be honest, I have ABSOLUTELY no memory of taking this picture, as we were off our heads on vodka and coke (I know, I know, so old skool - at least it wasn't pernod 'n' black). The barmen quickly had our order off by heart - not bad for one night's work - and handy when we lost the power of speech. I dimly remember Nick having a conversation about inner-city education with our taxi driver - nicknamed Samuel L. Jackson - on the way home and meeting some American guy at the side of the road who'd lived in the Marais, but that's about it. So there you have it - Rhino75's take on Gay Vegas. Remember, I'm doing it so you don't have to :)

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