Friday, November 03, 2006

Last Night...

...I dined on Ferrero Rochers, crisps, "creative" chocolate chips and champagne, and chatted with two people who've acted in French cop show "PJ", a Canadian author, and an American punk drummer/expert on Heidegger. So eclectic it made me feel quite giddy. I should go to more parties like that. Many thanks to my favourite "muse" who was, as always, the perfect hostess.

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nardac said...

Ahh, but Lucien didn't tell you he was in a 007 film too? The man's been in close spaces with Grace Jones and Christopher Walken.

It was fun having people over, but I got so very very drunk and then people left early (or so it seemed). I got stuck with Ludo at the end, with red lips, not talking.

Btw, I think you were there at that time but did I dance with Benoit to the Cure at some point in the evening?