Friday, September 15, 2006

Knock on wood

You might not immediately spot it, dear reader, but you've got a piece of contemporary art right under your nose. No, not the blog, silly, the photo. Marvellous, isn't it? Of course, to the uninitiated it just looks like a kid with an ASBO. But the cognoscenti (my italics) will, of course, instantly recognize it as a model of a child in a hoodie that bangs its head frantically against the wall every 30 seconds or so. And which is currently on display as part of the 5 Billion Years exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo. That's right, last night we had a "family" outing (Mr. and Mrs. LOG, Aimes, Miss FVE, Colin and yours truly) to the opening. Monet it ain't. There is some really cool stuff (this kid, photos of the skies in specific locations the day before major acts of destruction e.g. New York, Sept. 10, 2001, and a mushroom cloud that looks like it's made of straw.) But, overall, I wasn't that impressed. The crowd, though, was fabulous. Any hotter and they would have spontaneously combusted. And as always, the best bit was hanging out with friends, drinking wine, chatting, catching up and being silly. Even in the rain. Ahhhh.


Kieran said...

I think the art piece nicely sums up most reactions to modern art.

It's no soiled bed though.

rhino75 said...

I'm working on that one myself, Kieran!! I'm sure it'll be a hit.