Thursday, July 06, 2006

Football Fever

So, as of last night, France is in the World Cup final!! Who'd have thought it? It's kind of taken everyone by surprise, particularly after the dismal start the team had against Switzerland, but now the whole country is in the grip of football fever. Why, dear reader, I was even bribed myself into supporting "Les Bleus" by Bruno's offer of free beer and pizza round at Ch√Ęteau LOG (turned out to be a very impressive spread, too, with melon and all sorts - yummm). To be honest, the game itself wasn't much to write home about. The only goal came from a penalty after 10 minutes and the whole match was severely lacking in oomph, although there was some great defensive play from the French team. But, of course, getting to the final was the most important thing and seconds after the final whistle, the streets around Bastille were full of cheering supporters and tooting horns. And look, second photo in, you can see Darren, doing his stuff on the telly!! I saw him in the office earlier in the day and his tip was for a France vs. Italy final (which proved to be correct) but for Italy to win. Is he Nostradamus? Or is he Paco Rabanne? We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out. Come on now, all together, "Allez les bleus, Allez les bleus" (OMG, it's catching!).


nardac said...

This is so good for my bikini diet... I'm wayyyy too stressed to eat. Have just been anxiously drinking perrier after perrier while screaming at the screen at my local bar. The game was tough, a nail-biter, but I wouldn't have said it was nothing to write home about. Just a very very tough battle and tons of tight defensive play.

I'll be on vacation for the final so boohoo... no storming the Bastille on a Sunday night for me.

nardac said...


Reluctant Nomad said...


I'm still alive. So sorry to have neglected you. But, rest assured, you are not the only one I have neglected.


PS. Don't read Frog's blog, as I said the same to him....this sounds suspiciously like a group email thingy.

rhino75 said...

Nardac, how CAN you think of going on vacation when our adopted country needs you? I hope that idyllic sounding mill by the stream is fully equipped with cable. Have a wonderful time and see you when you get back!! Nomad, I was beginning to think it was something I'd said. Welcome back!!

rhino75 said...

OOOh, btw, turns out Darren actually has his own site now. Check it out!

Frog with a Blog said...

Rhino, I can see you finally decided to support a real team, that's good. You're on the right track...
Ok I'm kidding, I know i shouldn't be obnoxious about it as it's probably going to be bring bad luck home now.

I'm going on holiday as well, and won't be home for the final either, please make sure to celebrate for me too and storm the Bastille with style and glamour as only you can do.

Plus if they win, you get me a drink when I come back home. It's a French tradition you didn't know about, but here you go, it's likefootball, there's always something new to learn about this country.

"As soon as France wins, O dear Rhino
Thou shalt turn thy frog into wino"


nardac said...

I'll be representing in Bordeaux!!! That way I can celebrate with some quality red and roll around with the capital of drunks. Paris already has enough supporters.

Col said...

And which football team does Darren support? Hmm? The mighty Brighton and Hove Albion, aka the Seagulls!