Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Tale of Two Cities

"Rhino, oh Rhino, where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen!" Well, the *showbiz* mothership really, for the last couple of days, but that doesn't rhyme, does it?. Still, all work and no play would mean Rhino75 running the risk of becoming a dull boy, so last night I hit the town with my chum Mark. It was one of those sticky summer city nights I love, perfect for wandering round Covent Garden and Soho, sipping large VATs and watching the boys go by. And who should we find lurking (there's no other word for it) outside "The Admiral Duncan"? Toby!! How Eurostartrash are we?? So of course, we HAD (my caps) to go and have another drink. He seems to have spent the week partying with all sorts of celebs, including Jude Law, so bumping into us was probably something of an anti-climax. In order to compensate, we promised faithfully to turn up to his Barry Manilow tribute/birthday party this weekend. He was on excellent form, as always. Getting into the office for 6h45 this morning was, inevitably, a bit of a struggle, but I did remember to stuff my case with those lovely REN toiletries so thoughtfully provided by the hotel. Anyway, I'm back in Paris now and there is another party brewing tomorrow night, but I can't say more until after the event...until then, I remain yours, smelling slightly of sage bodywash (ewww, that makes me sound like a loin of pork...)


Babsbitchin said...

Ooh lala, ma joie mangeable!!Have fun Darling!! I've missed you Rhino, don't think that I don't think about you, Mr. Playboy!!

rhino75 said...

aaaahh, thank you Babs!!