Sunday, May 21, 2006


There were tears and gnashing of teeth at Rhino75 Towers last night and it was all because of these guys. Oh yes. Because, dear reader, this is the group that won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Can you believe it? The Buffyfication of one of the major events on the camp calendar. Outrageous. I love Finland and there's a place (I'm sure) for a KISS tribute band but it's not Eurovision. And what made it worse was that this year, for the first time in AGES, there was actually a - relatively - good crop of entries. My fellow juror Micke and I, in between mouthfuls of pizza and gulps of red wine, both managed to vote for Sweden's "Invincible" performed by that fabulous old Eurovision trooper Carola. The wind machine, the trowelled make-up, the outrageous frock, the belting voice - *textbook* ESC and surely a natural winner. Russia's amazingly tacky entry also had its merits (cute guy who could jump very high) and even the U.K.'s entry wasn't that embarrassing (for once). France, however, narrowly avoided a "nul points" disaster - they did change the song from the original selection (good thing) but replaced it with, to paraphrase Mr. Wogan, the same song they've been singing since 1977 (bad thing). And the poor girl looked as if she was hating every minute and couldn't wait to get back to her hairdressing job. Anyway after such irrefutable proof that there is no Eurovision god, what could I do but head off to my friend Amy's birthday party and drown my sorrows? Until 6 a.m. this morning. Yes, I think you can imagine how great I'm feeling today. But it was worth it - great fun, loadsa booze and the opportunity to dance (well, hobble in my case) to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love".
P.S. If you're after a glimpse of life in the wings at Eurovision, I recommend you hop across to Troubled Diva's report here. Great stuff!


Reluctant Nomad said...

I didn't watch all of it and left the flat before the voting but I agree that Sweden was the best entry.

Your poor head must feel awful today. I was out until 3 and feel surprising sprightly today. I've realised that beer has been the real killer. I had my customary bottle of red wine before I left but drank vodka and tonic (singles) all embarrassing stories at all unlike two weeks ago. I suspect that episode will have to be another of my 'red wine stories.

rhino75 said...

You LEFT BEFORE THE VOTING!!?? That will never do Nomad. I hope you were on a promise - it's the only excuse :D. I always drink vodka, though last night I threw in some red wine and a little champagne to "spice things up" - a great idea!!

Frog with a Blog said...

Hey Rhino, thanks for last night, I couldn' agree more with your post. I need to do some research about this Russian jumper though, I've been a bit obsessed by him since last night, was he really goodlooking or was it all that alcohol you served me? Anyway, how could Nomad leave before the votes??? Nomad, that's the part with all the flags and you missed it!

rhino75 said...

If you click on the "Russia" link above, you'll know everything you need to, Micke, trust me! And thanks for coming over, you know Eurovision wouldn't be the same without you :D.

Reluctant Nomad said...

Yes, I am a bad boy for having missed it. And it's not as if I had to tear myself away from the telly either. There was no promise apart from drunken pub conversations followed by stoned (not me) conversation with David which was tedious in the extreme.

However, had I been in Paris, I'd gladly have stayed in and watched with you two. :-)