Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A little bit Ken Hom?

Something of an in-joke this, so apologies to those who weren't there, but it's still making me laugh, Su!! Despite a rather embarrassing "falling asleep while simultaneously launching plate of mince pies into orbit" moment, I had a thoroughly wonderful Christmas Eve in the Cuckoo, complete with asthmatic Catwoman barmaid (and they say you can't get the staff these days - tsk!) Photos to follow as soon as I get home. Thanks to everyone for my *FAB* pressies, all those cookery books and "love-egg" pans mean I've got a hot and sweaty 2006 lined up - in the kitchen at the very least!!


Rob7534 said...

YAY! for Presents.

Now get in the kitchen and COOK women!

I want cookies, and lots of warm soft gooey things.

rhino75 said...

Thank you Rob dear!! I am, of course, already famous for my goo (see here) but I shall be practising my "love-eggs" ready for your visit :))

Rob7534 said...

OMG Rhino!

Those look absolutly DELISH! I want to caress those wonderfully enticing balls of dough, and lushly slob on them with my tongue tasting all the sweetness!

How appetizing!

What are "love eggs" by the way?

Reluctant Nomad said...

Those madeleines look incredibly scrumptious. Don't you just love that children's series , turned into animated film about Madeleine?

I also want to know what 'love eggs' are. Are they kept in a love nest?

Rob7534 said...

Hee Hee Nomad!