Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Top tip for the tired: Organise your sleep in 90 minute chunks!! That is three hours, four-and-a-half hours etc. Apparently, 90 minutes is the average length of the sleep cycle for most people, give or take 10 minutes. I'm not making this up. A new friend of Mickelino's told me last week and she should know because she's a "Sleep Professional". Frankly, I should be charging you just for passing it on. Mind you, I average six hours sleep a night, and am permanently knackered. Thank god for crystal meth (joke, it's a joke, ok?) I'm quite intrigued by the polyphasic sleep experiment this guy is blogging about, though of course, the main question it begs is WHY?


Frog with a Blog said...

Did i tell you that the friend you are referring to sent me a mail a few days ago to apologize for her obnoxious and full of it behavior that night! I didn't really know what she was talking about, but I said, "that's fine, don't worry, everyone's allowed to act hysterical sometimes...we'll be ok...". I sleep an average of 14 90 minute chunks every night, does that make me a lazy ass?

Rob7534 said...

I suppose being awake and I Assume productive for an average of 3 hours a day does INDEED make you a "Lazy-Ass" Michelino! :) But I love you anyway.

Rhino I had not heard of this sleep theory before! It's interesting, I have to read the guys blog, to see how he is faring with this new regiment. Kind of like taking "cat naps" throughout the day.

London Dan said...

I'd heard that sleep patterns work best in 4 hour chunks. I like to avoid having only 4 hours and should get at least 8 when I'm working, as long as I can get myself to bed in time. Make that 7 then.

When I was in student mode, I happily had 12 hours sleep but always felt shattered. Why is it that the more you sleep, the more you feel tired? Or is it just me? Hmm. Chocolate and Coke (the drinking kind) help me nicely.

Rob7534 said...

HA London Dan, in school I often slept ALOT as well, and still felt exhausted.

My breakfast of choice was a HoneyBun, and Coke :)

Of course, the drinking kind as well!

Frog with a Blog said...

Joyeux anniversaire by the way, sorry I won't be in town for the big day tomorrow but I'll be having a glass of champagne for you in my fancy Bordeaux hotel suite!
Have a good one!

rhino75 said...

Thank you Micke. I shall, of course, have a drink in your honour!