Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hit the road, rhino75

(You will, of course, notice how I've put myself center-stage "center-stage" so to speak. I thought that was rather clever, if none too subtle.) What can I say? Highlights: the magnificent Palais des Papes, or Popes' Palace, in Avignon; the wonderful dinners at Hiely Lucullus (Avignon) and Lou Caleu (Arles); our revival of Macey O'Gray ("Oi troi to wark away but I stumble"), a character invented in a moment of drunken confusion; an eye-watering version of "Good Luck Charm"; looking for the Pont du Gard ("I mean, they CAN'T have hidden it!"); breakfast in the garden of our beautiful little hotel in Arles; the Tropicana nightclub's leopard-skin upholstery; Col's driving; and last but not least, the Punkmobile, without which none of the above would have happened. Has to be California next year.


Col said...

And I'm back! I'm trying to think but I can't imagine a better time has ever been had, ever. Ever. Beautiful places, people, food, friends you adore - call me a daft old fool (and hey, I answer to most things) but I reckon that's just about everything that we're able to enjoy.

Needless to say with such an all round class act, the tone of the whole trip went downhill soon after Msr Rhino's departure. Oh the glamour of trekking through the wine villages of Provence...whilst trying to eat Reblochon cheese when waiting at traffic lights without the use of cutlery (or indeed bread).

*sings* I left my heart...on a leopardskin skin sofa next to a big old roman arena somewhere...I SO wish I wasn't back...:-(

rhino75 said...

"Arles... be seeing you in all the old familiar places," etc. Glad you're back safely and that you didn't come a cropper with your "cheese at the wheel" experience. Big boss told me today I'm coming to London for a week soon i.e. some time in the next month, so we have to go out then. Je t'adore.

Rob7534 said...

The photos are supurb!!

Looks like a total triumph!!