Sunday, September 04, 2005

Where DID I put my chaps?

Everywhere I turn at the moment (ok, ok I'm exaggerating slightly) I'm confronted by gay cowboys. Not since the demise of the Village People have chaps been so chic!! The main event, pardon me ma'am (bit of cowboy "flava" there) is, of course, the long-awaited "Brokeback Mountain". Now, although I too work in showbiz, Ang Lee and rhino75 have never met, but I suspect that anyone who likes Jane Austen AND the idea of Heath and Jake getting it on round a campfire has to be my astral twin, right? Here's what the BBC had to say just before the world premiere on Friday (did my invitation get lost in the post?). At the same time, and I presume there IS a link, even Details is carrying articles about gay rodeo - surely a sign that a rustlin' revival is well under way? I shall be digging out my spurs - you have been warned. By the way, à propos the Village People, my fave was NOT the cowboy, but the construction worker, one Dave Hodo. I see from the above link that "his passion for roller skating while eating fire had landed him on the TV show 'What's My Line?'" - my dream date or what??


Rob7534 said...

Eating fire and rollar skating is nothing!!

I can Swallow Swords :)

And I know you know, what I know, that you know what I'm talking about!!

rhino75 said...

lol Rob7534 you are so BAD :) But before I book my ticket to fly over, the most important bit of that quote (for me) is that his unusual talent got him on TV (I love TV) - is this also true for you?? (home movies don't count, has to be network.)

essjay said...

LOL will be keeping an eye out for Chaps in London now :D

Rob7534 said...

Me on Network TV!?!?

I don't think so!!

I am Hollywood Material babe, and don't you forget it!! :)

rhino75 said...

I was just checkin' hon' I didn't doubt it for a minute!!