Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paris fires

Paris blaze
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Snapped this last night by the Pompidou Centre. According to this article on TF1's website, the fire was in a toy store stockroom (:() right in the centre of Paris, but at least no-one was injured. J and I went down to see more but the police had closed off most of the surrounding streets (though inside the cordon, people were still sitting at sidewalk cafés, sipping their apéritifs as if nothing was happening - amazing!) I can't believe just how many fires there have been in Paris in recent weeks. The one that scared me most was on Tuesday as it was just by Rhino75 Towers. It took 200 firefighters three hours to put that one out and seven people were killed. And that was just four days after 17 Africans died in another Paris fire. Scary stuff.

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