Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lights! Camera! Action!!


As part of the French Heritage Weekend (where the government opens up buildings normally closed to the public and organises guided tours etc.) we went today to visit Le Grand Rex, a fantastic Art Deco cinema bang in the middle of Paris. The guy doing the tour was excellent and fed us with lots of interesting facts, including that Darryl F. Zanuck used to edit his films there when he lived in Paris, and that the place was commandeered by the Nazis during the war to show films for soldiers on leave. Just the size of the main stage is impressive enough, I tell ya, I had to be physically restrained from breaking into my routine from "A Chorus Line". These Heritage Weekends are amazing, you wouldn't believe how many people turn out. We were queuing up to visit the HQ of France Télévisions (the state-owned channels 2 and 3) when this woman came along and said there were at least 600 people ahead of us and that we should settle instead for a celebrity-studded poster (my italics). Which we did, though it ended up in the trash before we made it back to the metro (with one photo missing :)))


Rob7534 said...

Looks fabulous Rhino!! And is that photo of YOU? Smiling and pointing w/the blue shirt on?

You are definitly HOTT :)

Must be fun TRAMP'sing (my word) around Paris, and doing your "Diana" song from a Chorus Line on the big stage.

"And I felt NOTHING!!"

Also, do you have any photo's of you without your clothing? Hmm? Just curious :)

rhino75 said...

haha Rob, ah, I'm sorry to disappoint you but no, that is NOT me but rather my equally fabulous friend Noodle. You're right, though, he is gorgeous and I'll pass on the photo request :) lol

Rob7534 said...

Please do Rhino... Noodle is a great name!! yum.

You didn't disappoint me Rhino, but because you attempted to decive me with "other men's" photos, I will require your nude photo as well.

thanks :)

rhino75 said...

aaah but I think that'll have to wait until we've seen some of those MUCH TALKED ABOUT BUT STILL UNPUBLISHED Camp photos :))

Rob7534 said...


You drive a HARD bargain.