Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don't Worry, Bobby, Be Happy

Shock news for music fans from the AP here. But will anyone notice? A quick straw-poll of my colleagues limits McFerrin sightings since 1988 to the Muppet Show and several episodes of Sesame Street. How the mighty are fallen. I'll be singing that annoying song all day now, though.


Rob7534 said...

Hell I thought Bobby McFerrin was dead!! I can't believe he is still alive.

Thanks for putting your "little man" on my guest-map :) It's very sweet of you.

Also, I LOVE those pics you took at the Brighton Pride, HOTT!!

rhino75 said...

Thanks! I was a bit worried that people reading this post might think I was some kind of Bobby McFerrin obsessive, but I was just so amazed to see him pop up in the news!! And enough with my "little man" - I have a reputation to maintain!! :)

Rob7534 said...

My apologies I shall refer to him as your "not-so-little" man from now on :)

But who KNOWS!! Take a pic, and post it!!

rhino75 said...

How does it go? You show me yours and ... :))