Friday, July 15, 2005

Le 14 juillet

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Imagine if you will, dear reader, a mob of angry bloodthirsty poor people storming past your house on their way to let a bunch of toffs out of jail. For such was the scene on rhino75's doorstep a mere 216 years ago (note slightly old-fashioned syntax so as to recreate olde-worlde ambiance, am so versatile). Nowadays, of course, we remember that historic moment with a bucketful of caipirinhas and some Brazilian geezer singing "No Woman No Cry" (puhrleeeeze), but I do think those who claim they preferred the original are just being negative. We certainly did our best to capture the revolutionary spirit. It's true we missed out on the traditional Firemen's Balls (click here for more info about this Parisian speciality) by looking for the gay one on the quays (does anyone know what happened to that? It used to be so good, has it been scrapped?) but I feel we did the republic proud :)) Last night was the annual fireworks display which was breathtaking, whenever I see anything like that I feel about 10 years old again (ahem!) and just stand there ooohing and aaahing with a big silly grin on my face. I've decided I want fireworks on my birthday from now on (though maybe the Eiffel Tower is a bit ambitious.) All topped off with a late-night impromptu visit to the Palais de Tokyo modern art museum and a stroll down the Champs Elysées. Oh, those Summer Nights...

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