Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ta-tadada ta ta taaaaaaa

That, dear reader, is the sound of me blowing my own trumpet -- not, I hasten to add, some deviant sexual practice, but rather a celebration of my score on The Guardian's Too Smart For Your Salary? test -- 18 correct answers out of 25 (and while trapped in conference call hell, to boot) gives me an IQ of 120+ and the following advice:
"Your IQ is significantly more powerful than the average for your salary bracket. Demand a pay rise while you still have your faculties."
Hmmm. Actually that's not so great, is it? 'Cos it's sort of saying: "Well, you might be a smartypants, buster, but it obviously doesn't come across to others, otherwise you'd be earning more money." Yes, now I think about it, I'm not AT ALL pleased with that...

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