Sunday, June 05, 2005

Korean Harpists, Africa Remix

Korean Harpists
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The Pompidou Centre, a warm summer's evening, and three Korean ladies -- going by the name "Souffle de Corée"* -- playing what I imagine must be harps. The sound was surprisingly delicate, almost like softly-plucked guitars, and it just seemed to fit in perfectly with the moment. All that was missing was a glass of chilled white wine (well, it IS Paris). Lovely. I was waiting for Seb to round off my hellish businessy work-week with a big dollop of culture in the form of the Africa Remix exhibition (to see some of the pieces, click here and go the part marked "exhibition" or you can see some pictures from the BBC here) This show has already been to London and I think Düsseldorf before making it here. I enjoyed it, but it IS a bit mixed in terms of quality. Some of the ideas seemed a little "young" and art-schooly to me, all bright colours and screen-printing, but not much more, mixed in with more sophisticated video and installation pieces. But then, what do I know? Thank you Gilbert and George. Next week, I shall be tackling Mahler's 9th.
*of course, the francophones among you will know that this could be translated as "Breath of Korea" which makes me think of kimchee halitosis. I prefer the more poetic "Korean Breeze".

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