Monday, May 02, 2005


Can you believe that after only one day I have sunburn? Pathetic, isn't it? The leech turned up bang on time - of course. Didn't even really have chance to sort myself out beforehand. Went for brunch at the Metro Diner, which is just how a diner should be. I had corned beef hash and scrambled eggs - deeeeeelish - and felt very American for all of five minutes. Then, because the weather was so warm, we decided to go, like the rest of New York, for a walk round Central Park. Round and round and round and round, until I pointed out that we'd passed the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir three times (btw that always strikes me as weird, that people name completely inappropriate things after celebs, reminds me of the Winnie Mandela Post Office at Newcastle University, but I digress). Felt as if I should be jogging with all those people round the reservoir, and only the thought of what happened to Dustin Hoffman in "Marathon Man" dissuaded me - wouldn't want to end up having my teeth pulled in the pumphouse after all. Then walked down to the Metropolitan Museum for a toilet stop (classy, eh?) and then all the way down to Times Square. Bought my first subway pass and then went ot the grocery store, JUST so I could carry stuff home in a brown paper bag , like they do in the movies!! It's a wonderful town. Am exhausted.

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