Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shop Assistant Etiquette

So, I was in the Fossil shop, buying a slightly Navajo Indian-inspired wallet (think I may be going a little ethnic in styling terms this summer), when the 19-year old shop assistant serving me started telling me what a nice wallet it was and how he really needed a new wallet because his had been stolen two weeks ago, and it was full, and there was no chance of getting it back. "It really hurt man". I was completely baffled as to how to react - initially, I expressed sympathy in a kind of grunty British embarrassed way, but he just carried on, rather as if he expected me to do something about it. I ended up feeling like I should be offering to buy him a wallet too. I wonder what Emily Post would have advised...?


terminalbreaker said...

Hello you/me!
Before I forget, let me tell you I can't believe I finally know someone who's missed a flight! Mighty impressed I have to say!
And that's what you could have used to bounce back on the wallet! Telling how yours was not stolen but put on an unexpected diet just a few days earlier after MISSING YOUR FLIGHT! He would have hugged you in an awkward way while mumbling a ``I'm sorry'' line and you would have parted on a 1-1 score!
Anyhow. Learned a new word thanks to you and hope the so-called leech doesn't read your blog!!

rhino75 said...

ah, dear terminalbreaker, if only I'd had the benefit of your advice on hand!! It could have turned out so differently :))