Friday, May 13, 2005

Kocktails and Korma

Carlos took me to the -- rather fabulous -- Maritime Hotel, down in Chelsea for vodka cocktails in the La Bottega restaurant. Wonderful. We even had a celeb sighting (albeit a minor one): Bobby Cannavale (click here to see who he is!) Then off to Madison Avenue for dinner with the lovely Julie H at an Indian-influenced restaurant Tabla, where the food was deeeeelicious, and I had a rather spicy green chilli-flavored gin cocktail . We had a selection of stuff and everything was top-notch. A great address. Julie tells me she's a member of a message group at, sounds like it could be worth checking out for some restaurant ideas before the next trip. Then we walked back to the East Village, I love these NY neighbourhoods, there's still something a little bit gritty about them, and everything's open so late, the streets are always full of people. Sigh! But I digress, am late to go and meet Ricky for lunch...

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