Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hanging out with the Chelsea set

This afternoon we went over to Carlos's apartment to hang out. That's how we met Michele, a hairdresser and make-up artist - Italian, completely barking but great fun. Ricky went home to do some work, so the three of us, joined at one point by a mysterious visitor, who knocked at the door, went with Michele into the bedroom for five minutes, and then left (hmmm....) sat around watching Bjork videos. As you do. It was the one with the snake, if that means anything to you. So it all felt a bit urban and edgy, dare I say it, a bit Larry Clark - loved it! I should get out more. I think we can safely say that Michele is a "high discloser" - within 10 minutes, we'd seen pictures of his house in Brooklyn, his garden, his sister and vintage portraits of his mum and dad. That's what I love about this city, people have no compunction about telling you their life story as soon as they meet you. But he was an interesting guy, and has obviously wielded brushes and hairdryer in a lot of places before ending up in NYC nine years ago. And cute to boot. Tomorrow, Carlos and I have said we're DEFINITELY going to go to the MoMA (it's his day off). I know, I know, I feel slightly ashamed that I've not done more things cultural (but only slightly). I can't believe tomorrow will be my last full day here... :(

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