Monday, May 09, 2005

Fischerspooner and other things cultural...

Did I mention that I went to the Fischerspooner (click here if you don't know who they are!) gig at the Canal Room last week? For which, many thanks to Julie H, who got us on the guest list. It wasn't quite what I expected, a cross between New Romantic era Adam & the Ants (for the costumes) and sort of angry Depeche Mode for the music, with camp overtones - the crowd was errmm, mixed (or do I mean confused), to say the least. I'd forgotten how people get really INTO some kinds of music - TMK (too much Kylie) on my part, I fear. But I enjoyed it, they put on a really good show, and I even got some stickers to take home (though we didn't stick around for the post-gig party - too pooped). Oooh, AND I had a blood-orange margarita (yummmmmmm!) at the Miracle Grill beforehand. Keep Music Live, or something like that. In a similar cultural vein, I wonder if I'll succeed in getting tickets for "The Pillowman" - "The most powerful, unsettling and original new play of the season," according to the NYT. Though, really of course I'm going to look at Jeff Goldblum and Billy Crudup. Can't do any museums as they're all closed on Mondays (phew!) :))

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