Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Do you drink 'n' dial?

Have you seen "Sideways"? A funny, smart movie, though the ending is pretty cheesy because we've heard Virginia Madsen's voicemail message, so we kind of KNOW she and Miles are going to get it together. I love the wine snobbery aspect of it, that is so American: "So, when did you get into wine," "Seriously, about seven years ago," "Seven years, right, and what was the bottle that did it?" - I mean, I got "into" wine through Sainsbury's and have pretty much stayed at that level, thank you very much. And I know nothing about grapes, actually, that should be "knew nothing" because thanks to that movie, I now know that pinot noir grapes are very difficult to grow, thin-skinned etc., as opposed to cabernet grapes, which will grow anywhere etc. etc. omigod, that's enough. Keep it simple: red or white, fizzy or still. I also like the concept of drink 'n' dial, but - and this might just be me - I've NEVER got drunk and made a phonecall I shouldn't have, basically because I could never remember anyone's number and anyway, I'm a "happy drunk." Am I alone in this? Could it be simply a plot device used by filmmakers? I need to know.


Anonymous said...

Sideways is about a middle aged dork who knows very little about wine. Are we really expected to believe that the lovely Virginia Masden has desires for the imperfect Miles. Please, show the respect we deserve. The one decent scene is when he hurls himself down the hill chugging a bottle of red 'vintage'. Charming peut etre but c'est tout.

rhino75 said...

Anonymous, I like your style! Discussing this movie with friends last night, we decided that, in fact, there are dozens of movies as good as this coming out of Europe every year - it's watchable, fairly enjoyable movie but fails to live up to all the hype around it. But where does the hype come from in the first place?? Any conspiracy theories out there?